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2012 AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies

Posted on: 03.10.2011

The Academy of Korean Studies runs “AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies” in order to provide international scholars and doctoral candidates an opportunity to carry out their research(dissertation research).
Foreign scholars (including those who have Korean nationality with permanent residence status in foreign countries) in the humanities and social sciences, who are currently engaged in Korea-related teaching and research activities, are eligible to apply.
1.       Senior Researcher Fellowship: Associate professor level or above/Ph. D. holder with more than 7 years of research experience
2.      Junior Researcher Fellowship: Assistant professor level or below/ Ph. D. holder with less than 7 years of research experience
3.      Pre-doctoral Fellowship: Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements(i.e., ABD) except for their dissertation from institutions outside Korea. (※ Those who completed their Ph.D. courses at Korean schools or institutions are ineligible for pre-doctoral fellowship)
※ Those who have received AKS fellowship within the last 3 years(based on application submission date) are ineligible for this program.
Fellowship Period
The fellowship period should begin within year 2012(January 1 and December 31, 2012). The applicants can apply for maximum one year support.
Fellowship Grant
1.       Airfare: Economy-class round trip airfare(Only offered to overseas awardees)
※ The valid date of the flight tickets cannot exceed the research period.
※ The airfare will be reimbursed based on the actual ticket price but should not exceed the amount of Government Transportation Request(GTR) cost.
2.      50% discount of using AKS Guest House(AKS Fellows are recommended to stay at our campus.)
3.      Monthly Stipend
⑴   Senior Research Fellowship: 2,500,000won
⑵   Junior Research Fellowship: 2,000,000won
⑶   Pre-doctoral Fellowship: 1,500,000won
※ Please note that we do not offer monthly stipend for research period less than 15 days and offer full monthly stipend for research period over 15 days
4.      Access to the facilities of AKS including the library
Selection Process
All applications are reviewed by the screening committee. The criteria for the screening are as follows:
Selection Criteria
1.       Senior & Junior Research Fellowship
⑴   The merit of the research plan and the feasibility of carrying out the proposed research at AKS
⑵   Research track records
⑶   Possibility of joint researches with scholars in AKS
2.      Pre-doc Fellowship
⑴   Excellence and feasibility of the research topic
⑵   Possibility of contribution to development of Korean studies
Required Documents
1.       Senior & Junior Research Fellowship
⑵   1 Curriculum Vitae(CV)
⑶   Certificate of Employment(If applicable)
2.      Pre-doctoral Fellowship
⑴   1 Application form
⑵   Graduate and Doctoral Program Transcript(1 each)
⑶   1 certificate of Ph.D. course completion(Document that proves ABD status)
⑷   1 Curriculum Vitae(CV)
⑸   2 Reference Letters(1 from Ph.D. dissertation director)
※ Application form can be downloaded at our website(
※ All applications and required documents should be prepared in English or Korean only. If not, the certified translation document(English or Korean) must be attached.
Obligations of Fellowship Recipients
1.       Fellows are expected to submit their research paper and present research results at AKS Colloquium before the termination of their research period
2.      Fellows should inform AKS when the research results are published and should submit 2 copies of the publication
3.      Publication resulted from this program should acknowledge the support from AKS Fellowship Program
1.       Previous fellowship recipients who have rejected the fellowship due to their personal matters can get disadvantages when screening
2.      Those who are under disciplinary actions from Korean government and other Korean government affiliated institutes are not eligible for this program
Application Deadline
All applications must be received by November 15 (Tuesday), 2011
※ Applicants should initially submit the required documents (scan file) by E-mail and subsequently send the original copies by mail no later than November 15,2011.
※ Applications received after the deadline will not be considered
Result Notification
The result of your application will be notified individually in December.
1.       E-mail:
2.      Address: International Support Division for Korean Studies
        The Center for International Affairs
        The Academy of Korean Studies
        323 Haogae-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
463-791, Republic of Korea

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